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We need your help to raise funds for our program. We currently support 15 girls getting an education through one our preventative projects: “Education Support and Empowerment”. This is an ongoing commitment we have to keep these girls in school until they finish their high school/secondary studies.

Please have a look on our website HERE to read more about this. If you want to help out, please send us an email at vnaction@allianceantitrafic.org or call our Vietnam office at (+84) (0) 902 944 334 (we speak both English, French, Portuguese and Vietnamese).

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AAT celebrating 15 years of fighting human trafficking. In this regard, we would like to share some of our highlights from our work helping girls and women in South East Asia.

Our stories are divided into chapters, and this is the first one.


Vietnamese & English: Radio Free Asia: Cost of living. The story of a Vietnamese victim of trafficking rescued by herself.


“Where Dreams Bloom”

“Where Dreams Bloom” is a collection of stories shared by the beneficiaries of the program. This is to record the start of their journey to realize their future. “Where Dreams Bloom” will be updated every year to share about the progress the children make.



Notice about Human Trafficking situation:

In 2015, all of the 33 repatriated cases were done unofficially, meaning not through a diplomatic channel even in cases where the Malaysian authority has issued victim identification. After finishing the court process, victims were sent home with support from AAT. There is no coordination between the two governments concerning repatriating trafficking victims. It is confirmed by colleagues from C45B that diplomatic channel does not work when it comes to helping Vietnamese victims abroad. C45B cannot contact Malaysian police at the time they receive notice about trafficking cases in Malaysia without involving the higher level officials in Hanoi, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Vietnamese Embassy in the foreign country. That is the reason why AAT plays its important roles in passing information to its network to make things happen in a timely manner.

Thesis of Nicolat LAinez (Researcher)
Par-delà la traite des femmes vietnamiennes en Asie du Sud-Est

New project launched for the protection of children at risk:

Launch proj. On 27 September 2015, AAT Vietnam Office and its staff were very honored to welcome 15 children and their guardians to an event to launch a new project supporting at-risk children in Vietnam.
Ngày 27 tháng 9, 2015, AAT Việt Nam hân hạnh chào đón 15 trẻ cùng với phụ huynh đến dự buổi gặp mặt ra mắt dự án hỗ trợ trẻ em có hoàn cảnh khó khăn tại Việt Nam.








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