AAT Vietnam
Winner of the French Social & Humanitarian International Trophy 2020

Winner of the French Social & Humanitarian International Trophy 2020 & Asia-Pacific Trophy 2019.


Children on this site are neither victims of trafficking nor sexual exploitation. These are AAT community ambassadors.
They and their parents signed a consent form for the use of photographs.

AAT is Member of the Federation
Trafficked people supported. Women Children & men
People trained on prevention. Children, factory workers and officials
Sex surrogates supported. 10% are children
Girls received scholarships.
Since 2001, AAT has been working in Vietnam to empower and to protect vulnerable communities with the development of community and individual programs.
AAT pioneering action against sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking for sex slavery in Vietnam.

Support for women involved in prostitution

Protection of children girls at risk

Provinces of origin of victims we supported & rescued

Program of support for victims of trafficking

Preventive Education Program.

AAT work in cooperation with State Agencies and local Social Organizations as required by Vietnamese law.



Vietnam is one of the top source countries for women trafficking in Asia.

The main countries they’re sold to are Cambodia, China, and Malaysia.

Official statistics from Vietnam’s Department of General Police show that between 2011 and 2017, there were 2,700 reported cases of human trafficking. But the number of unreported cases is far bigger than said statistics.

The Bride for Sale Campaign illustrates how young women are sold like commodities.

The numbers you are going to see are based on real stories and researched from reputable news publications.

The PAC Program (Prevention, Awareness and Capacity Building)
is a 3-year training project to empower social workers, community leaders, law enforcement officers and government officials in Vinh Long Province, Vietnam.

Where Dreams Bloom aims to protect 30 children aged 6 -18 and are daughters or sisters of women earning living from prostitution. The program facilitates their study by supporting school fees until they complete K-12; helps to reduce the risk of leaving school, involving in prostitution and related risks.

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Our 4 actions in vietnam
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The project intends to educate the communities, especially children through a uniquely-designed training program that will provide them with detailed knowledges. The concept of community watch-groups is transmitted.
Reproductive health, sexual abuse, illegal trade and dealing involving persons, basic self-defense techniques, safe and unsafe migration, domestic violence, drug use are parts of the training provided.
Education for prevention of vulnerable communities
Education for prevention
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Outreach program with skilled peer educators approaching women and teenagers involved in prostitution on the streets, in parks, cafes, karaoke parlors and restaurants. AAT supports mental and physical health, education on safe sex practices, condoms and reconversion through vocational training and micro loans.
Outreach work with women and girls involved in prostitution
Protection & Prevention
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Due to their unique living environment and social relations, younger girls such as daughters and young sisters of women involved into prostitution face higher risk of sexual abuse, early sex debut and sex trafficking. AAT Follow up them and support them for their education at school and provide education based on life skill and sex related risks.
Special protection for girls identified at risk
Special Protection
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AAT works in both Vietnam and in trafficking destination countries to identify, rescue, protect and safely repatriate women and children, with utmost respect for their rights.
AAT propose services on rehabilitation and reintegration for victims through micro loan programs for vocational training and small businesses and propose support for women in precarious situation.
Support for women in precarious situation
Women protection

You are called to do something BIG. Say YES and HELP US to transform lives, to offer security, happiness and hope for vulnerable children and women.

Be a Changemaker:
"Now I know how to protect my family, my friends and myself"
Education for Prevention
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AAT Vietnam actions and its Founder on the Vietnamese television

AAT is the anti-trafficking NGO most exposed by Vietnamese media for Vietnamese

Our beautiful flowers filled
with love and tenderness
A moment of emotion
Stunning kids
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Human Trafficking
Documentaries about AAT and its founder have been exposed more than 1000 times in more than 60 Vietnamese TV channels.
i'd love to change the world
A Perfect Christmas
in Hanoi
Live Interview on 12/24/2017
Some of the 170 North Vietnamese women trafficked in China who received our support
AAT and VTV1 channel realized the first documentary of Vietnam which made the citizens to discover the existence of human trafficking
a simple word for a better future
Life begins