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Prevention is better than cure, even if it is less visual and emotional. An integrated strategy for development consists of promoting effective prevention. Prevention should be the priority of all parties wishing to act for development. We are working at the beginning instead of just the end.

Finalist nominee of the 2017 Social Impact Awards. Small budget-Big Impact.

Special protection for girls identified at risk

24 beneficiaries.
Due to their unique living environment and social relations, younger girls such as daughters and young sisters of women involved into prostitution face higher risk of sexual abuse, early sex debut and sex trafficking. AAT Follow up them and support them for their education at school and provide education based on life skill and sex related risks.
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Education for children against sex-related risks

110.000 beneficiaries.
Education on reproductive health and on sex related risks, providing tools for self-protection from sexual abuse, exploitation and the risks of human trafficking. To push the implementation of the education on sex related risks in all schools of Vietnam before the end of 2018, AAT work on the development of a board of partners to enclose NGOs, Foreign Embassies, UN agencies, local artists, and media, in order to work with the Ministry of Education. Contact us if you like to participate on this board.

Outreach work with women involved in prostitution

61.000 beneficiaries.
Outreach program with skilled peer educators approaching women and teenagers involved in prostitution on the streets, in parks, cafes, karaoke parlors and restaurants. AAT supports mental and physical health, education on safe sex practices, condoms and reconversion through vocational training and micro loans.

Support and services for women and victims of trafficking

5.543 beneficiaries.
Respecting domestic, foreign and international laws, AAT works in both Vietnam and in trafficking destination countries to identify, protect and safely repatriate women and children, with utmost respect for their rights.
AAT propose services on rehabilitation and reintegration for victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation through  micro loan programs for vocational training and small businesses and propose support for women in precarious situation.

About AAT in Vietnam

We protect and support women and children with preventative actions and direct support.
  • AAT Vietnam

    is an organization run by four qualified professionals on human science research and social work and eight peer-educators who are capable of understanding the situation of the persons supported by AAT’s programs and projects.

  • AAT Vietnam

    is a pioneering NGO, establishing the first models of action to tackle the causes and consequences of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Vietnam over the past fifteen years.

  • AAT Vietnam

    is unique thanks to its international task force network with local partners in fifteen countries worldwide, its direct field actions in five countries of Southeast Asia and its relationship and partnership with regional governments.

  • AAT Vietnam

    acting against causes and consequences of sexual exploitation, abuse and human trafficking.

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We need your help to raise funds for our program: WHERE DREAMS BLOOM.

Where Dreams Bloom’s  Program targets young girls who are at risk of sexual abuse, labour exploitation and human trafficking due to their unique social and economic situations as daughters and sisters of women who are involved in prostitution.

Financial deprivation and poor social capital of women who are currently being exploited in prostitution and struggling to survive, more likely than not, will put an end to the educational prospects of their children. Low education, low skills, a survival-oriented livelihood, along with limited career options and constant financial pressure are the first domino pieces to fall that sets off the chain of events leading to exploitation and abuse of the next generation.
Please have a look on our page HERE to read more about this.


log BOLD AAT Service proposed for victims of trafficking: (link)
Các dịch vụ hỗ trợ của AAT: (Link)

AAT celebrating 15 years of fighting human trafficking. In this regard, we would like to share some of our highlights from our work helping girls and women in South East Asia. Our stories are divided into chapters

All chapters into one file. Download here

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Radio Free Asia: Cost of living.
The story of a Vietnamese victim of trafficking rescued by herself.
“Where Dreams Bloom”

Great day2ResizeBL“Where Dreams Bloom” is a collection of stories shared by the beneficiaries of the program. This is to record the start of their journey to realize their future. “Where Dreams Bloom” will be updated every year to share about the progress the children make.

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Many people in Vietnam believe that children should not be exposed to sexual matters in order to protect their innocence. Reproductive health and sex related risk prevention education for children, therefore, is out of question. This mentality needs to change.
We cannot wait any longer to fight against sex crimes perpetrated against children, and we also need to move forward from the obsolete beliefs about sex education for children in the country. Providing knowledge and skills to take care of their bodies and to protect themselves from sex-related crimes is an effective preventative measure.
migra FTA IRTASEC AAT AAT is proud to be part of this important research on the migration of Vietnamese into Europe by France terre d’asile and IRASEC.
It’s a comprehensive survey which bring facts and focus to the reality and also, attention to what can be done at origin and destination countries. It also brings awareness to the work of Alliance Anti-Trafic in Vietnam with our prevention actions and experience to assist returning victims.Download in EnglishTélécharger en Français

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