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AAT Vietnam, services provided:

We can help you to stay in Ho Chi Minh City for transit,  medical examination, legal support or for a vocational training. We have other services that may benefit you:

1. Transportation support: We can welcome and pick you up at the airport, help you to arrange transportation home and cover the expenses.  
 2. Personal care package: We will provide you with a personal care package, including:Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, sanitary pads, towels, soap and shampoo.  
3. Health care: We can arrange a health check up and tests. If you stay at the center, health check up and treatment for  ailments will be covered. We provide support to buy medical insurance.  
4. Psychological support: If you need support from a psychologist, we can introduce you to a professional and cover the cost.  
5. Career counseling and vocational training: Our staff will provide you information about career choices that fit your skills and experience. If you choose to pursue a vocational training, we will help to cover the cost.  
6. Life skill training: We provide life skills training for those who stay at the center and life skills counseling by appointment (CV writing, cover letter, using computer, financial management, email, business plan,…)  
7. Micro credit: We provide counseling on household businesses and provide micro credit for those who propose a feasible business plan.  
8. Follow-up support in the community after the return in the community.  
 Hotline: 0902-944-334