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This is a challenge for NGOS or INGOS to be fully transparent, and above all INGOS usually have not enough budgets to rent the services of external financial audits and external project evaluations it order to confirm their results. Most of the time, the public just gives its trust to the information circulated by NGOS and INGOS, but if it can find a maximum of details about the budgets, the results and the evaluation, the organization consulted will benefit of better credit thanks to the efforts made to be as transparent as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. AAT Vietnam is probably no better than any other organization but we try to make public results and budget allocations in order to present a simple scheme of our work in order to reinforce the trust of visitors concerning our organization. AAT is also yearly financially audited and the efficiency of the project is evaluated every 4 years. The last evaluation results can be downloaded on our website. Financial audits can be freely consulted at our office in Ho Chi Minh City. AAT also archived all documents collected since the beginning of the project, such as investigation files at sex sectors and individual files of victims. However, several individual files are archived at the partner’s offices (Women Union in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho City). For the collection of activities results, AAT implemented the principle of scientist approach and of cross-checks, allowing to confirm the results. Any work and persons concerned are referenced and have a personal follow-up file. The Modus Operandi of AAT Vietnam concerning the team management can be consulted on this website.

AAT always makes efforts to mention all actors and partners involved in all AAT work. Respect of each other is the attitude that makes us real social workers, primarily because this is an attitude before being a job. Unfortunately, some partner organizations continue to omit AAT’s contribution in their communications, as too many institutions of international notoriety have used our actions of rescue and repatriation of victims for their own communication. AAT is too small and does not spend time and money for communication. Thus, AAT is an easy prey with a low risk for them. Moreover, popular public media usually like to mention names of organizations or institutions that everybody knows, instead of the name of a small organization, depriving us of the hope to see the truth restored. Thus, AAT will try to reinforce its communication. Newsletters describing our actions of rescue can be downloaded on our library website and our operations are regularly published on AAT Facebook and news pages.