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Preventive education on collective and self-protection against the risks of human trafficking, migration, sexual abuse, reproductive health and other social harms.

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Picture4Project title: Action plan to prevent human trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation through education for vulnerable populations.
Beneficiaries to now: 110,000
Cost of the project/package/year: $38.000 (Including annual financial audit) for 7050 beneficiaries (Children: 3500, parents: 3000, young adults: 500, state officers, school teachers: 50)
Cost by beneficiary: : $5,40
Duration: 9 months (per province and school year period)

Goal: Children, parents, communities, educators and local officials officers are able to protect themselves, their families and their community, thanks to education and prevention information and tips provided by the program. The concept of watch-groups is assimilated. The government agree to adopt this education at the national level at schools.

The project intends to educate the children through a uniquely-designed training program that will provide them with detailled knowledges as following:

Reproductive health, risks of sexual abuse, human trafficking, risks of unprotected sexual activity, unwanted pregnancy, contraceptive methods, teen abortion risks, sexually transmitted infections, basic self-defense techniques, safe and unsafe migration, fake promises of job/marriage in a foreign country, domestic violence, drug use, gender, child marriage, incest, how to protect yourself and others, knowledge of human rights, and related Vietnamese laws.

Picture2The children will learn knowledge and skills in an interactive classroom. Trainers are equipped with learner-centered training techniques to maximize participation and sharing for an effective training program that tackles taboo issues.

Self-defense is part of the training taught to children.Picture1

The AAT’s program has been implemented throughout the last 10 years and reached more than 110.000 children with their parents and 600 teachers, civil servants in HCMC, Thanh Hoa, Thua Thien Hue, Binh Thuan, Hau Giang and Quang Ninh.