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Together we can make their dreams come true!

The children are very hopeful about their lives!

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Support our project:  Protect 35 girls aged 7 to 18 living in precarity against the risk of forced prostitution1

Beneficiaries: Children: 35.
Cost by children one year: from $1200 to $1800 per child.
Duration: 12 months (per person and school year period).

The Girls: They are daughters or sisters of the women involved in prostitution. Their background and family stories are tumultuous. Health and housing instability, poverty, incarcerated parents, debt, drug used by relatives and HIV are part of their reality.

8They are very hopeful about their lives. They desire to go to school, to make friends and to become a good person. They do not want to be a burden of their families. However, because of the family’s survival priorities, the children’s future is at risk by stop going to school that often leads them to prostitution and other risks.

Goal: The girls are educated and protected from risks of sexual and labor exploitation, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.6
They completing K-12 education and are empowered to Improve their likelihood to succeed their childhood.
They receive support as such as: School fees, uniforms, school supplies, monthly follow ups, trainings, health insurance, advocacy, psychological help, entertainment and life skills learning activities, for them and their parents or tutors.
Their parents or tutors raise awareness about the protection and the right education of their children.

9The expectation: The idea of the program is to help girls overcome their difficulties, stabilize them and strengthen the positive side of their daily lives. AAT team and the girls themselves admit that they have changed a lot since they joined the program. They are really happy to pursue their studies without having to worry every day of tuition and its impact on the family budget.

Since the program began in 2015, AAT support 24 children each year, who are from second to twelfth grade (2 of them had graduated from high school and studying in university)

The media and the public love our program! Press articles and TV shows are reg5ularly broadcasted.

4VTV, the national Vietnamese television channel, organized five days of shooting to make movies about the program and the girls for two TV shows ‘’Thanks Life’’ which was broadcasted on Christmas Eve 2017 and ‘’Talk Vietnam’’ show which will be broadcasted in 2018.

The newspaper: ‘’Phap Luat’’ 3closely follow our project and referred us children to place them under our protection.

2018: Where Dreams Bloom.Movie below

2017 Cám ơn cuộc đời… Thank you life…. merci la vie… (English, Francais, Tieng viet)
Vietnamese national TV show VTV1, broadcast on 2017 Christmas Eve with the little girls on our project Where Dreams Bloom and Georges Blanchard..Movie below

2018: 17mn Vietnamese documentary about AAT and Georges Blanchard. On 3 national channels. movie below