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Through its expansive work, AAT has an institutional memory bursting with information on trafficking and sexual exploitation. Being involved not only at the grassroots level with the victims themselves, but also with Government counterparts and regional players, AAT has abundant knowledge on the factors that render women vulnerable to exploitation, the modus operandi of their exploiters, the behaviors of the consumers, the political issues influencing policies and actions and the general mentality of the Vietnamese population towards these issues and its impact on women’s rehabilitation needs. Few organizations can match this length or breadth of experience

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208.528 total of Vietnamese beneficiaries: (20thai101-2020)

  • AAT is the oldest anti-trafficking NGO in Vietnam, which proves our sustainability.
  • AAT is the NGO that has always developed innovative projects first, all validated by the Vietnamese government as national model, which proves our visionary and pioneering ability.
  • – AAT opened the first two rehabilitation centers exclusively for women victims of trafficking. AAT’s model has been promoted as “National Model” by the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOLISA) in 2008.
  • AAT made the first official repatriations of Vietnamese cases from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Laos. 
  • AAT initiated the intergovernmental cooperation between Thailand-Vietnam and Malaysia-Vietnam through victim repatriation cases that modeled the elaboration of the MoU between these countries.
  • AAT provided first evidences and material for the elaboration of the first law on suppression human trafficking and for the amendment of the law about prostitution.
  •  AAT built the first education on prevention project for children at schools, against sexual exploitation and abuse, and human trafficking. Project recognized by the Vietnamese government.
  • AAT obtained its first major success in 2003, when we influenced the Vietnamese government to recognize the existence of human trafficking and to recognize victims as victims and no more as criminals.
  • AAT is well connected and respected by Vietnamese officials and our work is regularly broadcasted on the press and Vietnamese television shows, which proves our relevance for making projects loved by the public.

Noel center AAT is the first and one of the the main organizations in Vietnam to succeed in the development of a complete structure, which includes regional rescuing, repatriation, rehabilitation, referral system, community reintegration and continuous follow-up.

AAT is able to coordinate local authorities where the victims are originating from during repatriation processes.

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– AAT’s project is among the ones that permitted Vietnam’s access to the WTO & APEC. The project developed by AAT was the first to provide a solution to illegal migration and returnees from human trafficking. During 2 years, AAT worked in close cooperation with the Vietnamese National Assembly and received the visit of all parliamentarians from the ASEAN organization.

IMG_0032_resize– AAT’s process developed for the rehabilitation and the community reintegration of victims pushed the Vietnamese authorities to recognize that this “kind” of social victims can be rehabilitated and change their future. Thus, in November 2005, AAT obtained its second major success when the National Women’s Union publicly recognized that AAT successfully proved the doubted return of beneficiaries to a normal life was possible. The Women Union recognized that AAT was the first project showing efficiency for reintegration and its sustainability, and that AAT positively demonstrated a new working approach.