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AAT approach is regional, holistic, experimental, grass-root based

*-AAT is regional because sexual exploitation of women and minors is a global issue, and project mechanisms are aimed at addressing region-oriented specifics in causes of trafficking within the greater global framework

AAT is holistic because a vast range of activities and services –prevention, protection, rehabilitation, reintegration, government/NGO/community group collaboration, action-oriented research– are deployed to help women and minors in need. In addition, AAT implements complementary activities in origin, transit and destination countries.

AAT functions as a “laboratory” where innovative techniques, projects and programs are undertaken, with some becoming government and/or social models.

AAT is a grass-roots based organization, and thus uses field experience to strengthen existing mechanisms.

We focus on prevention in order to avoid disaster before it strikes. By researching and focusing on prevention, we follow this basic idea in development: “better to prevent than to cure”.

AAT appreciates that a purely “Intellectual” approach without a genuine grass roots understanding will not result in efficient nor effective actions. AAT was created by and is sustained by a combination of persons who have grass roots experience, peers and academics. Thus, the majority of our budget prudently benefits ground-based action.