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Alliance Anti-Trafic (AAT) is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization that aims to protect women and children in Southeast Asia from sexual exploitation and trafficking. AAT opened two offices; one in Ho Chi Minh City, (Vietnam) and one in Bangkok, (Thailand) to manage projects in South East Asia. AAT in Thailand focus its actions in trafficking prevention and empowerment, protection, assistance and return of victims and acting in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. AAT in Vietnam focus its actions on community prevention and provide support for children and women at risk and for victims of trafficking and of sexual exploitation. Both offices are regional because they work anywhere in the region when necessary in order to provide protection to victims. More information about AAT can be found through the AAT’s Vietnam and Thailand websites, through our Facebook international and Vietnam pages and through Twitter. In other important countries in the region (such as for example Cambodia, China, Malaysia and Singapore), AAT works through its partner organizations and governments agencies.


Eliminate all forms of forced sexual exploitation against women and children in Southeast Asia.


‣ Educate on risks prevention; support and protect the most vulnerable communities.