“Easy to Borrow, Hard to repay”

This study examines indebtedness and money-lending in the lives of sex workers. It locates indebtedness in broader issues such as internal migration, financial exclusion and the reliance on informal finance to get by, the grip of money-lending practices in labor sectors, moral narratives on ‘evil’ usurers, and rapidly rising household debt in Vietnam. AAT RESEARCH Read more about “Easy to Borrow, Hard to repay”[…]

Cost of living

Radio Free Asia: Cost of living. The story of a Vietnamese victim of trafficking rescued by herself. The story of Xuan a human trafficking survivor who has a message to tell after her bad experience in Malaysia.

Made in Mekong

Our network in Laos, social enterprise coffee shop, does not only serve coffee, but they also teach people who are interested in coffee making through ‘Basic barista course’. If you are in Vientiane, Laos, please stop by to support good cause and have some tasty drinks.  

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