October 12, 2016

Sponsor a child

Daughters and young sisters of women involved into prostitution face higher risk of sexual abuse, early sex debut and sex trafficking. WHERE DREAMS BLOOM is a program to improve their chance of breaking the cycle of exploitation and poverty through education. We prevent school drop out and provide life skills training, inform them about sex related risks and enrich their childhood experience with recreation activities. To date, AAT is supporting 19 children from primary to high schools and post-high school.  Many girls from this special group that AAT has rare access to are still struggling to stay in school and could fall victims to sexual abuse and trafficking at any time. AAT is looking for more funding to continue its support to the existing group and to reach out to the other children in the community.

Go to Globalgiving to support our project to protect 35 girls aged 7 to 18 living in precarity against the risk of forced prostitution:

Cost by children for one year: (Based on the existing project costs)
WHERE DREAMS BLOOM PROGRAM Details Primary school Middle & high school
School costs, health and accident insurance  Once per year $290 $375
Life skill training Three training per year $110 $165
Recreation activities & semi annual and annual “Get Together” event Two events per year.
One two day trip.
$200 $200
Case by case monitoring  and monthly follow-up, management and evaluation 3 times/year. +Annual book about children.   $450 $460
Total cost by children   $1050 $1200

Social workers work directly with school to provide support, follow up with the children on weekly basis, implement timely intervention, provide service referrals and work with the children to develop the activities plan throughout the year.

Protect 35 girls aged 7 to 18 living in precarity against the risk of forced prostitution:

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