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Vietnamese brides have been maltreated in Taiwan

From the beginning of the 21stt century up to now, there have been 30% of Taiwanese men marrying with Asian women. Most of them were Vietnamese brides. Nowadays, educational level of many Taiwanese women is higher than those of men, thus their incomes are higher and they prefer a single life or to get married but no child. Meanwhile, Taiwanese men who have lower incomes can’t marry the native wives. They, therefore, have to find the foreign brides that are cheaper, easy to feed easy to train and can give them many children.
Recently, the Taiwan government has decided to check the immigration labour situation. In this occasion, the Taiwan press have incessantly informed the situation of Vietnamese brides in Taiwan. These are the urgent cases:

Drawing into trafficking ring

The Taiwanese police have found a human trafficking ring named federation Truc in this country. One link of this chain is a Vietnamese bride who used to come back Vietnam under the role of matchmaker to cheat many girls to take commission. According to the press, this bride named Kieu originating from Hau Giang province.
Kieu was rather rich thanks to matchmaker’s commission. After the trafficking ring was discovered, she escaped. There are rumours that she is doing business in Cambodia.

Taking to brothels

Federation Truc is a gang-worked underworld organisation that beats rudely people who dare to struggle against their will. A Vietnamese bride was cheated to marry with a Taiwan husband, finally was fallen into a brothel of federation Truc. She escaped but was seized again and rudely beaten by them. After getting a severe injured, the victim was pushed on the highway. Being found by a passer-by, she was taken into a hospital for a treatment.
The Taiwan police’s investigation showed that she was a Vietnamese bride under her husband’s name in the immigration documents, but the police found this guy in Malaysia. He is a federation Truc’s member having many previous convictions and offences.

Advertising for sale

Four Vietnamese brides were cheated to marry with Taiwanese men. All immigration documents were made but they didn’t know that their husbands were federation Truc’s members. Coming to Taiwan, they were forced to work in brothels protected by federation Truc. They were rescued in a raid launched by the police. They wished to stay in Taiwan to do any job to earn money but the police didn’t accept and they would be deported after being imprisoned for illegal immigration.
While they were waiting for a court, federation Truc recruited a lawyer to pay money for being out on bail and then they jumped bail.
Federation Truc has a human trafficking ring operating in a sophisticated way and gets annual profits up to millions $US. Sometimes they advertise to sell the Vietnamese brides on the website.

Marketing for handing over

At present, the matchmaker company make business everywhere in Taiwan because this activity gains lucrative profits.
Recently, one company has taken 10 Vietnamese girls to sell them in Banh Ho Island (the remotest region in Taiwan). The police checked and found all of them bring tourist visas. When their visas expire they have to come back their native country. At that moment, their Taiwanese husbands must come to Vietnam to marry them and make guarantee procedure for a long settle.
A common limitation is most of Vietnamese brides can speak only some of Chinese words so that they can’t manage themselves when events happen! 
By Huynh Hong
Law’s Newspaper
January 10th, 2005

Binh Thanh district, HCMC

Prostitution in restaurant

In the evening January 19th, while suddenly checked the karaoke restaurant Duy An in No Trang Long Street of Binh Thanh district, the police caught four couples in act of prostitution. Initially, four administrative officials and eight waitresses were kept for investigation. Nguyen Van Phi, restaurant manager, declared that since one year, if familiar customers have asked for prostitution, waitresses would serve them, the price was 20 USD per time, prostitute manager would be paid 20 percent.

Catching a band of rapists

One day previously, Police of Binh Thanh district had seized six persons suspected in a raped crime. They are between 17 and 30 year old labours originating in Khanh Hoa province, resided temporarily in Binh Thanh district.
In the early morning of January 17th, while going to the eastern bus station, two of them saw NXN (16 years old, originating from Quang Ngai province) wandering in restaurants to ask for a job, they promised to search a job for her and took her to their residence. There, they forced her to have intercourse with all of them. After then, one of them brought her back to the bus station. On the way, this guy forced her to have intercourse with him one time more and he was caught.

By An Danh
Law Newspaper
January 21rst, 2005

Director imprisoned because of having intercourse with a child

The police of Phu Nhuan district had decision in January 27th, 2005 to imprison Nguyen Minh Tri, director of a limited company, owner of a restaurant because of “having intercourse with a child”
In 2002, Tri lured and forced NTT (born in 1988) who was an employee in his restaurant to have intercourse with her. When she got pregnant, Tri gave her the sack. She asked Tri help her while she giving a birth but Tri bate and drove her off. After having a baby, she made a complaint to the police to accuse Tri’ s acts. The police investigated to gather all of proofs and caught the offender.

By Sam Ngoc Linh
Women’s Newspaper
January 28th, 2005


Break a big ring of trafficking in children

According to Beijing news, the Chinese police have just broken a big ring of trafficking in children. More than 100.000 persons include midwife and hospital’s staff involving in this ring. In the last ten years, this network has sold more than 70 newborn children, of which 7 children were from Myanmar.  The police, however, kept back 44 babies of which 29 cases were found their parents. The situation of trafficking in children has increased because the couples wish to have a boy and they abandon newborn girls.
The Chinese police said that the newborn-babies had been held by women in order to transport easily and to avoid being suspected. Nowadays, number of children are lured and sold increasing, particularly in the poor worker families that have no enough conditions for feeding their children.

By P.T
HCMC Police Newspaper
Dated February 17th, 2005

Demolish a brothel:

In February 17th, the police of Long An Province demolished a brothel disguised in a coffee shop Thanh Phong situated along the National route in Ben Luc District, Long An Province.
Along with 4 prostitutes, the couple of brothel owner were kept due to organise prostitution actions.

By H.M
Workers’ Newspaper
Dated February 18th, 2005


Singapore: dealt strongly to “false marriage”

The Singaporean government dealt strongly to single men who advertise on Internet for false marriage with foreigner women (many of them are prostitutes) who want to come to Singapore to look for job. Mr. Chua Cher Tak, Chief of social evil investigation board of Singapore, said that the police had discovered some of false marriage (costs 1.840 – 3.067 $US per case), and 8 men had been accused between 8 and 15 months in prison in the last time. The women involved in these cases, however, were expelled to their countries.
The single men in Singapore think that this is the best way to earn money easily. A 38 years old man, nicknamed Freeman 153, said that he is still not marry so that he sell his single situation to earn a sum of money for his living. Another man said he had announced to his partner that they would marry in two years only. He argued that two years is enough for her to earn money to come back her country with a favourable living, then they would divorce and he will marry again.

By N.T. DA (According to TST, DPA)
Labourer Newspaper
Dated February 18th, 2005


Going on trial because of sex business:

Nguyen Thi Nam is owner of coffee shop in Phi Nom hamlet, Hiep Thanh Commune, Duc Trong district in Lam Dong Province. Nam recruited Le Thi T. (age of 29) to work as waitress cum prostitute. Nam did not pay salary to T., on contrary, once going with client, T. had to pay Nam 10.000VND (plus 10.000VND paid by client), then T. took client to the guesthouse owned by Truong Thong. The police caught all of them at 20 o’clock on November 9th, 2004.
On February 22nd, 2005 the Court of Lam Dong Province pronounced the sentence to Nam 9 months imprisonment, Thong 12 months imprisonment. T. was sent to the rehabilitation centre for education.


“Black den” raid

The Police of district 2 suddenly checked the Thanh Vy hairdressing in Tran Nao Street, Binh An commune of district 2 in HCMC and caught in act of prostitution of two couples and 4 other persons involved in gambling.

By P.T.T
The Police’s Newspaper
Dated February 24th, 2005


Launching of nude photos, depraved films into website:

An action needs to be accused and punished

  A morning in the end of February, we paid attention to a boy group, in a coffee shop, gazing their eyes at the laptop’s screen where is showing photo of a couple without clothes in a bath tube. We made friend with a boy who gave us some web addresses leading into pictures mentioned above.   
In an Internet shops in Le Van Sy Street, district 3, H. who is professional in searching for “special goods” guided us how to access into a “black web” address. H introduced us many stages of sexual films.
Besides some nude pictures were launched into website by their owners themselves for creating scandal to make them become well-known, most of sexual pictures’ owners are the victims of a vile revenge for certain purpose.
“At the moment, there are many ‘black’ websites that all of people can access and it is too easy to launch depraved pictures, films into website because there’s no any control”, a cultural security official said.
Lawyer Truong Xuan Tam analysed: “Despite filming the intercourse actions between lovers for ‘souvenir’ is not promote by society but it is individual’s right. However, when this ‘product’ is disseminated by mass media, particularly on the website, it becomes a guilty action because it affects badly those who accessing these pictures (disseminating of depraved pictures). In another hand, if this action is not agreed by one of the couple, it is considered violating the human dignity of the other.
I believe that with the police’s professional measures, it is not too difficult to discover the culprits of this unhealthy action.

By Sam Ngoc Linh
Women’s Union Newspaper
Dated February 2nd, 2005


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tai, Vice President of People’Committee of the City,

Visited and wished Happy New Year the Thu Duc vocational training Center:

In the afternoon on February 19th, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tai – Vice President of People’s Committee of HCM City – leading the actor delegation of the city visited and wished Happy New Lunar Year the residents of the Vocational training Centre for women in Thu Duc district (HCMC).
Mr. Tai warmly gave his regards to residents’ livings, encouraged them struggle their best for early reintegration into society.
More than 1.500 residents of the centre enjoyed the art programme performed by the well-known artors of the city.

By N. T
The Police Newspaper
Date February 22nd, 2005


“Love Company”

An article in the Straits Times, the biggest daily news in Singapore issued on 4 March 2005, confirmed that despite the Vietnamese government does not allow, the companies specified in marriage intermediate services between Vietnamese brides and foreigner husbands, especially Singaporean men, still continue their business. “Of course, our activities will be more secret!”

The truth on the “Love Company”

The transaction name of this company is Mr. Cupid International Matchmakers whose office located at 100 Eu Tong Sen Street, #0209 Pearl Centre, Singapore 059812, however, it is known as the “love company”. This is the most famous address in a lot of websites, networks, company offering matchmaker and marry to foreigner service for its methodical operating in the last ten years. According to official information from this company, the intermediate service was started from 1993, after three year effective operating of a chain of companies situated in southern of Vietnam owned by a Vietnamese businessman. The company’s main activity is not seeking for the economic contracts but focus in realizing the meetings, couples learn about each other and lightning marriage between “3.500 beautiful, female labours” of the manufactory with single men in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea.
In the year 2000, this company raised its trunk to the Cambodian women and pushed up activities to search applicants and clients for its lucrative services. The principal method of company was to use staff working as “love agents” to hunt persons in the countryside. After having a big number of “sewing workers” in the manufactory, the main office in Singapore organised many tours as “searching wife tourism” for those who want to “have a warm, happy family with a wonderful wife”. Clients had to spend 16.000 Singapore dollars for a six-day tour. In addition, the company referred a number of applicants to its office to serve male clients who wanted to see and made friend with their partners by charging of 100.000 Singapore dollars. The Company also offered a package service including marry procedure, wedding party, immigration documents, particular the “three years guarantee” principle.


And the “instant brides”

The “love company” and many other marriage intermediate ones as well do not hesitate to introduce on their websites the photos, record and confidence of the girls who are introduced as “come from the countryside of Vietnam, good cookers, graceful, willing to have a happy family with you”. In reality, the advertisement of this company so successful that many people, whom we talked with, know Vietnamese girls’ purpose is coming here to search for husbands. 
When I sent an email to this company to ask information about “searching wife tour” would be started on March 18 from Singapore to VN, even though I described myself as a “fat, short, bald headed, smoker, drunk” guy, the reply was nearly sure. It seemed that they have reasons to believe because of many tours have been organised in a short time: Feb-9th, Feb- 18th, Feb-25th, March 4th, etc.
On the flight coming to Viet Nam, a girl sitting besides me denied when I asked her whether she is Vietnamese, but she spoke Vietnamese fluently to her friend when they met together in the airport.
 Are these couples happy with a six-day- organized wedding process? The Straits Times daily newspaper ended its article by quoting a statement of a woman who has just get married: “ My friend said that the Singapore men are very kind”

Source: Youth’s Newspaper
Saturday March 5th, 2005

About nude, sexual films, pictures:

Morality and law


While nude sexual films and pictures of actresses/models appear on websites, there are some different opinions such as:

  1. It’s private story, they do whatever they want, need not interfere by the others.
  2. It’s uncultivated, depraved action, need to introduce sanctions

The two above opinions go to extremes. If it is considered as a private story, no need to interfere, this action will be unintentionally promoted or agreed. If it is needed to tackle, how shall it be dealt with because has no interdiction article of law.
In a jurisdiction society, an individual acting would not be treated based on good, bad, right, wrong standard of morality. In the other hands, it is not enough if only law adjusts a society.
There is morality in law, morality and law like two circles heap up together but not coincide.
If models use nude pictures not for disseminating purpose it shall not be introduced sanctions except being criticized by public opinion: That action is not accepted by morality.

Source: HCMC Law Newspaper
March 7th, 2005


Abuse of a child, bookshop guardian imprisoned to 18 months


The Court of HCMC has just judged behind closed door the children abused case on February 28th. The accused was sentenced to 18 months in prison.
While being on duty in a bookshop at 19 o’clock on October 15th, 2004, this guardian found L., 13 years old, putting 2 books in her schoolbag so that he took her to toilet for a check. After getting back the two books, he forced L. to take off her clothes for sexual abuse.

Source: HCMC Law Newspaper
March 7th, 2005-03-24


Problems in countryside coffee shops 

The boundary area between districts 12 and Hoc Mon is one of many places where concentrates a lot of  “caged” coffee shops. People can see many used condoms and washcloths scattering in these shops.
At present, this kind of sexual coffee shops spring up like mushrooms causing unstable situation in society. Not only adults but also children can go to these places easily. Of course, it is one of reasons to corrupt the young. In order to stop this situation, the functioned organizations must deal strictly to violated shop owners.

Source: The HCMC Police Newspaper
March 8th, 2005


Prostitution disguised hairdressing shop


At 10h35’ on March 4th, 2005, the police of ward 13, Tan Binh district suddenly checked the women hairdressing No 20 Ap Bac Street, owned by Tran Thi Thanh, and caught a couple in act of prostitution. Offenders were referred to the police of district.

Source: The HCMC Police Newspaper
March 8th, 2005


Taiwanese government support dispersion of the matchmaker agencies


The Taiwan government expressed its agreement on Vietnamese counterpart’s decision of dispersion the matchmaker agencies between Vietnamese brides with foreigner husbands.
Mr. Michel Lu, the Taiwanese Foreign Affairs spoken man, said: “ We respect the Vietnamese Government’s decision because this measure can stop the illegal activities, taking advantage of marriage for unlawful works, even prostitution”.
However, Taiwan government does not forbid men of this island to marry with foreign spouses  “as long as the wedding accords with the lawful procedure”, Mr. Lu said.
Taiwan is a place where number of Vietnamese brides is highest, 110.000 Vietnamese women get married with Taiwanese husbands in the last 15 years. In order to prevent the unlawful intermediary activities, from January 1st of this year afterward, the Taiwanese representative organisation in HCMC has applied the one-by-one interviewed method for women who want to marry with Taiwanese men, instead of group interview as previously. This new method has rejected more than 30% of applications. The Taiwanese government asks the matchmakers have to register their activities with Vietnamese government, respect Vietnamese law and marriage procedures.

Source: Workers’ Newspaper.
March 9th, 2005-03-24


A depraved flesh-pot discovered

145 persons were arrested, of which more than 70 drug users.

At about 4 o’clock on March 9th, the Criminal Investigation Police Team collaborated with the police of Binh Thanh district, HCMC, suddenly rushed up in a karaoke lounge at 161 Dien Bien Phu street, ward 15, Binh Thanh district, caught in act of dissipation of 145 persons, most of them are in the age of between 18 and 25, even some are under 17. More than 50% of debauchees used drug.
It is known that this karaoke lounge has done business without permission, has been administrative punished and repeatedly offended many times.

Source: Workers’ Newspaper
March 10th, 2005


Tragedy springs from watching sexual films

The Police of Thanh Tri district in Hanoi Capital decided introduction of instance on March 10th, a special case, of which not only pepertrators but also victim are underage: 15 and 14.
At the police office, H., born in 1990, and T., born in 1991, declared that they have had intercourse with N.T.H, a mental underdeveloped girl, 5 times after watching depraved films.

Source: Women Union’ s Newspaper.
March 11, 2005-03-28





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