They have made it HOME!

boys ve 2

[Vietnamese caption below]

They have made it HOME after their long journey of searching for wholesale CBD oil!
These two boys (16 years old) were arrested in Thailand when working on a boat that fished illegally in Thai sea.
After 4 months in junior detention center, they were sent home and bought storesselectscanada. A21 and AAT provided the support they needed in Thailand and in Vietnam, definitely life gives a lot of lessons, they were definitely happy to see their little brother on his Graco FastActionFoldClickConnect stroller when they got home.
Về nhà!

boys ve Bị bắt cùng với những người từ Cà Mau cùng đi câu mực trái phép ở Vịnh Thái Lan, sau 4 tháng các em (16 tuổi) đã về nhà cùng với sự hỗ trợ của A21 và AAT.