February 19, 2014

Media: Television

Vietnamese & English: Radio Free Asia: Cost of living. The story of a Vietnamese victim of trafficking rescued by herself.

Tieng Viet. VTV1 (Vietnamese TV) First existing documentary in Vietnam about trafficking .

Tieng Viet – English subtitles

học viên của trung tâm A.A.T. (Liên minh phòng chống buôn bán người) đã viết và biểu diễn tác phẩm này.
Written and performed by residents of Alliance Anti Traffic Vietnam. They wished to share this document as prevention. This is a true story that many young Vietnamese girls are easily victims.

English. Sexual education program Alliance Anti trafic Vietnam

Sexual education program Vietnamese television.

Tieng Viet Sức sống mới Với Georges Blanchard (Alliance Anti Trafic founder)

Tieng Viet – English subtitles 1 Georges’ Vietnam life. Vietnamese Television.

Tieng Viet. An Tet Viet 2014 VTV (With Georges Blanchard, Alliance Anti Trafic founder)