March 6, 2014

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DONATE link Website (Please mention that the donation is for Vietnam and the kind of activity supported)

Action Cost Frequency of donation
Creation of a micro-enterprise. Between 250€ and 360€ depending on the project (250€ is the average – around 20,83€/month) Once or monthly (12 months)
Rescue and Repatriation From Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand: 100€/person. From Laos, south of China, Ma Cau, Hong Kong, Taiwan: 200€ to 300€ (From UK, Russia, Africa, Australia, Korea… Countries and IOM generally support the fees) Once
Vocational training into official vocational 27€/month per person (324€ per year) 12 months
Health care into official hospital 25€/year and person + 1 medical examination (check-up) 12 months
Psychosocial education and life skills training (as well as business management and follow-up of the progress of the victim’s stability) 4 sessions and evaluations per year and per person. 40€/quarter per person (or group of persons if several victims live in the same geographic area) 12 months
Support for schooling of beneficiaries’ children (scholarships) School and supplies: 72€/year 12 months
Buying of a motorbike (support for a motorbike from victims that live in remote areas, distant from economic centers or from their children’s school). One motorbike: 145€ Once
Training of a 13 y/o minor on sexual education and reproductive health (prevention against risks of abuse and sexual exploitation, against risks of human trafficking and against pregnancy, etc. Training on basics of self-defense and knowledge of services for protection of minors (a quality handbook in color is provided to all pupils) 3€ per child (all inclusive) Once
Medical check-up and follow-up and training on safe sex practices and systematic use of condom for women involved in prostitution Training over multiple sessions, medical examination, medical treatment, regular monthly follow-up, counsel, social accompanying, judicial support (if necessary), distribution of condoms. 25€/year per person on average. 12 months
Protection of girls and young women against the risks of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, through scholarships (support in order to prevent them from prostituting themselves to pursue their studies, and in order to stop parents that want to interrupt their education to exploit them through prostitution) High School: 72€College: 120€University: 550€(Including school supplies) 12 months
Development of social enterprises allowing to develop stable jobs for victims (restaurant, soap factory, crafts workshops, fair fashion, etc) Free donation under the form of a pledge (the funds will be sent only if the totality of funds required for the project has been collected for it) 50 000€ by social enterprise

So far, AAT did not collect individual donations, but the new projects will more accessible and interesting for the allowance of individual donations. We will implement a simpler system for donation later. In the “Transparency” tab we  open a page referencing persons making a donation (unless the donation is made anonymously), the amount and use of the donation.
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AMMADO: This Company was involved in the processing of donations through this website and has ceased trading.
Accordingly please note that no further donations should be made to charities via Ammado.
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