April 13, 2016

Education empowers girls for a bright future

collageNETEducation empowers girls for a bright future


In Vietnam, growing up as a girl from a poor community, lack of education can lead you to be an easy victim of abuse, trafficking and to become prostitutes.

To support girls in high-risk areas we started a project called “Education Support and Empowerment”, currently offering free school for 15 girls. This is an ongoing commitment and we have to keep these girls in school until they finish their high school/secondary studies.

We aim to reach 35 more girls listed for the next school year.

We provide:

  Scholarship, payment of full school tuition per year.
  Schools materials.
  Health insurance.
  Life skills training.
  Entertainment events.
  Direct coordination by AAT in providing the direct support to the beneficiaries and direct payments to the school and other costs.

  Why this project is important?

The target group are girls at high risk of abuse, trafficking and to become prostitutes. Mostly they are daughters or sisters of women working in prostitution

The intervention aiming at this population will render positive impacts on the future of these girls avoiding them to be victims of the negatives circumstances among their environment. It gives them the opportunity to continue their education and have a better future. The rationale is to breaking the vulnerable cycle of negative options these children might have in their lives to a positive intervention through education.

Specific objectives

  To keep minors out of the risky environment by going to school
  To provide them the education they need to broaden their career choice in the           future
  To restore their self-esteem
  To keep empowering them offering life skills knowledge of reproductive health,          sex education, risks of exploitation, abuse and trafficking, self defense and              making them as confident advocates inside their community.

How can you help?

We dependent on donations of individuals like you who are engaged to the cause knowing that education can empower, avoid exploitation and result in development.

Your contribution can be as individual, through your business and through spreading the word reaching others that want to support the idea. You can support one girl individually or contribute with an amount for the whole project.

We have recently released a book about the 15 girls’ stories that you can download here 


For more please: react here and contact us for more information about our program to support the AAT on prevention and protection of victims of human trafficking.