April 13, 2016

Education empowers girls for a bright future

Education empowers girls for a bright future


After working to support victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation since 2001 in Vietnam, after witnessing and listening to countless heart-breaking stories, we strongly believe that it is not only essential, but also ethical, to put prevention first, even though prevention work is often deemed less visible and emotional.

It was our unique work with women being exploited in prostitution that has granted us the unique and trusted access to this population. We designed the program out of our proven understanding of the human trafficking and sexual exploitation scene in the country and of our strong belief that education is the key to break the unending cycle of poverty, vulnerability and exploitation among this population.

The program’s objectives:

  1. To increase the likelihood of completing K-12 of the children through financial support of school expenses.
  2. To improve the likelihood of success of the children through empowering life skills training.

We provide:

   ☞  Scholarship, payment of full school tuition per year.
  Schools materials.
  Health insurance.
  Life skills training.
  Entertainment events.
  Direct coordination by AAT in providing the direct support to the beneficiaries and direct payments to the school and other costs.

How can you help?

We dependent on donations of individuals like you who are engaged to the cause knowing that education can empower, avoid exploitation and result in development.

Your contribution can be as individual, through your business and through spreading the word reaching others that want to support the idea. You can support one girl individually or contribute with an amount for the whole project.


Where Dreams Bloom -I- 2015-2016 page01
pochette Ed2Where Dreams Bloom -II- 2017

Cám ơn cuộc đời… Thank you life…. merci la vie… (English, Francais, Tieng viet)
Vietnamese national TV show VTV1, broadcast on 2017 Christmas Eve with the little girls on our project Where Dreams Bloom and Georges Blanchard.

WHERE DREAMS BLOOM PROGRAMDetailsPrimary schoolMiddle & high school
School costs, health and accident insurance Once per year$215$335
Life skill trainingThree training per year$110$110
Recreation activities & semi annual and annual “Get Together” eventTwo events per year.
One two day trip.
Case by case monitoring  and follow-up, management and evaluation.$400$400
Total cost by children$880$1020

Social workers work directly with school to provide support, follow up with the children on weekly basis, implement timely intervention, provide service referrals and work with the children to develop the activities plan throughout the year.


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