July 15, 2015

Service proposed for Victims of Trafficking:

AAT Vietnam, services provided:

We can help you to stay in Ho Chi Minh City for transit,  medical examination, legal support or for a vocational training.
We have other services that may benefit you:

1.Transportation support: We can welcome and pick you up at the airport, help you to arrange transportation home and cover the expenses. 
 2.Personal care package: We will provide you with a personal care package, including:Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, sanitary pads, towels, soap and shampoo. 
3.Health care: We can arrange a health check up and tests. If you stay at the center, health check up and treatment for  ailments will be covered.
We provide support to buy medical insurance.
4.Psychological support: If you need support from a psychologist, we can introduce you to a professional and cover the cost. 
5.Career counseling and vocational training: Our staff will provide you information about career choices that fit your skills and experience. If you choose to pursue a vocational training, we will help to cover the cost. 
6.Life skill training: We provide life skills training for those who stay at the center and life skills counseling by appointment (CV writing, cover letter, using computer, financial management, email, business plan,…) 
7.Micro credit: We provide counseling on household businesses and provide micro credit for those who propose a feasible business plan. 
8.Follow-up support in the community after the return in the community. 
 Hotline: 0902-944-334


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