January 22, 2015


2014: Work in progress or finished: (Archive document)
~AAT Vietnam organize a public seminar on December 3th, 2014 named “Worldwide Human Trafficking of Vietnamese for Sexual Exploitation”
~Visit of Tapani Haapala, regional representative for FELM foundation (Finland) (3 days)
~Promotional movie for Slush event in Finland is done: http://youtu.be/FTogqP5gnZg
~October 8, 2014; beginning of the one week training course on community reintegration c for government officials and for victims of trafficking returned from UK. Quang Binh Province (Center of Vietnam)
~Meeting with IOM Ho Chi Minh City.
~AAT Vietnam Facebook is open.
~AAT still waiting authorization of PACCOM for the opening of a transit shelter in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security. 2 officers of PACCOM National coming to the AAT office to discuss about that. Following the Vietnamese regulation for NGOS, to now, the Police cannot be an official partner for foreign NGOS. This is why AAT need a special authorization from PACCOM.
~AAT and TENAGANITA waiting the Vietnamese Police to collect information for the rescue of more victims identified in Malaysia.
~AAT was supported the transfer of a rescued Vietnamese formerly victim to testimony at Thailand court against traffickers.
~4 victims rescued and repatriated from Malaysia. Cooperation between Vietnamese Police c45, Tenaganita & AAT) 3 of 4 on emergency situation were rescued and repatriated to Vietnam on 48 hours.
~AAT donate website is hacked and now restarted properly. Damages was only internally and without any consequences for our donors and visitors. AAT use different system against piracy avoiding collection data of donors. Time lost on web system for restoring data and against hacking is to now evaluated at 2 months of one AAT employee.
~80 victims of labor and sex trafficking received micro credit for reintegration on September (South provinces 20, Center provinces 60)
~1 AAT staff & 1 AAT volunteer consultant follow the 5 days training in Hanoi, organized by the CSIP (sponsored by Irish Aid) on tools and technical of development of social enterprise in an NGO structure.
~Participation on the workshop on situation and solution for improving efficiency of activities on prevention and suppression of human trafficking and illegal marriage brokerage with foreigners. Organized by Ministry Of Public Security of Vietnam. Police General Department on Crime Prevention and Suppression. Only The US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, IOM and Alliance Anti Trafic was invited to participate at this workshop.
~Recruiting of one volunteer consultant at AAT Vietnam office.
~Beginning of the project on reintegration of trafficked labor migrant in Thanh Hoa and Quang Binh provinces. (Cooperation with UK Embassy and DSVP of the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs.
~Setting up of a news shelter for victims cannot be back home and for transit center in cooperation with the police C45b.
~Study on the recruit of more peer educators (Previously repatriated from international trafficking for sexual slavery) Now, AAT local staff office is composed of 3 technicians and 5 peer educators.
~20 Micro business for victims on study in Can Tho area.
~3 days of first 6 months project monitoring with Tapani, Regional development manager Mekong (FELM)
~6 victims repatriated from Malaysia
~Transformation of the office on a temporary transit center for victims.
~6 victimes repatriated from Ghana (Departure organization and flight tickets covered by IOM)
~22 victims just repatriated under study to help them to open micro business and to provide life skill tools and health insurance.
~108 Vietnamese girls rescued from sexual exploitation in Malaysia aged between 16 to 30 years old on the way of repatriation. (+8, +6 now)
~108 Micro credit and support under study for the next repatriated group.
~Sexual education training at school for 4000 children
~Outreach by peer educators at sex sector areas (Daily).
~National Prevention Campaign on progress with Vietnamese and international Rap singers, TV , press and radio (Song, Concert, press & specialized TV programs).
~New fundraising campaign due to insufficient support in regard of the quantity of victims repatriated in only 3 months.
~Study for cooperation contract with Vietnam Border Defense Army.
~mission to England with the Ministry of Social Affairs MOLISA invitation of the government and the British embassy to study the trafficking of Vietnamese phenomenon in UK
~Study to find accommodation in center for victims of trafficking not able for rehabilitation onto the community.