August 29, 2016

AAT Health

health AAT is registered at:nam
Health is an important mission of Alliance Anti-Trafic.
All beneficiaries of AAT actions receive health examination support and treatment.
AAT not provide health services directly but cooperate with local formal health services existing and with specialized hospitals.
AAT Health permit to support beneficiaries who have not access to health but also acting on prevention prevention thanks to actions with women involved into prostitution at sex sectors areas and action into formal school about sexual education and reproductive health.
For any special supports, in order to avoid abuse or discrimination and to respect the human rights,  AAT register beneficiaries as an usual client.

Special actions:

In Vietnam, AAT Health develop scholarships for deaf children unable to pay the specialized school.

In addition, AAT opened a special health support fund in cooperation with the pediatric Hospitals to support children requiring a special operation that can not be supported by the family. In to this case, it appears that girls are the majority of children necessitating special operations as girls are the most concern victims of domestic accidents.

Unfortunately, the quantity of support provided depend of the budget available for this action.

AAT Health supported:
28708 women involved into prostitution trained to safe sex practices
17094 Children of 13 years old trained to sexual education and reproductive health
120 Handicapped Children trained to sexual education and reproductive health
8542 medical examination supported
1302 persons followed by a psychologist
7 Specialized operation supported (Heart, Ear, Hands)
310 Health insurance buy for beneficiaries.
301119 Condoms distributed